If it’s not a virus that’s making me sick…

Although Larry Pavlesky MD is an antivaxxer, the main body of whom are deceivers and Judas goats, this is a good explanation regarding the causes of illness- terrain as opposed to germ.

“Throughout medical history whenever we’ve seen a group of symptoms move through a community or different cities we’ve only attributed it to infectious illness. We have never stopped to consider what other things could be going on in the health of these people, these communities, we’ve never stopped to consider toxins that are sprayed in the air, toxins that are sprayed on the food, toxins that are put in the water. We’ve never stopped to understand nutritional deficiencies, Vitamin C deficiencies, Vitamin D deficiencies, B Vitamin deficiencies and what that looks like when STRESSORS affect the community. As a result of all those STRESSORS people start expressing symptoms.

We’ve never attributed the onset of infectious diseases to other environmental issues like clean water, dirty water, sewage systems, no sewage systems, crowded living conditions, better living conditions, war, poverty, starvation. These are all factors that if we dig into the history books, we know many of the infectious illnesses are really manifestations of any one or many of the many things listed above, that are dietary and environmentally driven. That is the problem…because we have large amounts of literature that show other potential causes of the expression of what looks like infectious disease but actually are not.

There is such a way to practice Western medicine without using pharmaceutical drugs but the basis behind medical education is the use of drugs. It is the cornerstone of Western medical practice: pharma; drugs; injections; surgery.

  • poor nutrition
  • herbicides, pesticides, fungicides
  • stress
  • mold
  • perpetual fear
  • overuse of pharmaceuticals
  • poor sleep
  • poor gut health
  • heavy metals
  • toxic skin products
  • EMF exposure
  • dental procedures
  • toxic air fresheners, toxic cleaning products
  • lack of community
  • overuse of antibiotics
  • overconsumption of sugar
  • pasteurized, inorganic dairy
  • fast foods and processed foods
  • refined grains
  • lack of time with nature
  • lack of exercise
  • poor detox pathways
  • unhealed trauma
  • vegetable oils
  • toxic tap water
  • lacks of minerals
  • soda pop
  • overconsumption of alcohol
  • smoking
  • poor oral hygiene
  • chemtrails
  • vaccines
  • and so many other things…

The reality is, because we are so myopically focused on this unproven idea of sub-microscopic particles that are passed from person to person, we ignore many of the other things that we know make us sick.

Alex Zeck

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