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Shingrix & COVID-19

In October of 2017 the CDC in the US approved a vaccine called Shingrix. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) developed shingrix for healthy adults, 50 years and older to treat shingles. GSK recommends two doses of Shingrix, at least two months apart.

In May, 2019, China’s FDA said Shingrix ‘lacks comprehensive domestic epidemiological data, and whether the use of new adjuvants may lead to the risk of potential immune-mediated diseases.’ The adjuvant used in Shingrix is an extract from the soapbark tree, Quillaja saponaria Molina, native to Chile, which has been associated with cases of hypersensitive immune system disorders. Therefore, China is requiring GSK to ‘continue to do a comprehensive post-marketing study, timely conduct drug warnings, update clinical and safety and efficacy data at home and abroad, and improve the instructions to fully ensure that patients are safe, effective, and risk controlled.’ China in May of 2019 approved the vaccine based on information done in the ZOE trials. In Medpage Today an article stated, ‘There also have been concerns about creating autoimmune diseases over the long term. In the ZOE trials, patients were only followed for a few years.’

On, updated on August 22, 2019 its says that ‘no reliable clinical trial support use of quillaja for any indication. The adjuvant used in Shingrix. Quillaja has been used orally in traditional medicine to relieve cough and bronchitis, and topically to relieve scalp itchiness and dandruff. Reports show that quillaja can depress cardiac and respiratory activity and induce localized irritation and sneezing. Quillaja is not considered safe for human use. The ingestion of the quillaja bark results in liver damage, gastric pain, diarrhea, hemolysis, respiratory failure, convulsions, and coma. Yet it also says, ‘it is approved in the US as a natural flavoring or substance in conjunction with flavors. It also states ‘it is likely safe when used in amounts in food,’ This to me sounds a bit contradictive and concerning.
In the trials alone the vaccine has been used in 19 different countries on millions of people. According to, ‘By the end of the third quarter of 2018, seven million doses of Shingrix had been administered, globally.
My concern is that this vaccine is given to those 50 years of age and up. This is same age group that is being affected by COVID-19. Is it possible that this vaccine could be part of the reason these people are dying? It says repeatedly that quillaja can possibly cause depressed respiratory activity as well as autoimmune problems. From what I’ve listened to and read about COVID-19 the body is attacking itself. That the healthy lung tissue is being attacked as well as the infected tissue. Even if it has nothing to do with COVID-19 it still seems concerning to me. I also know that most people dying from COVID-19 have pre-existing conditions and that Shingrix is only recommended for healthy adults. I don’t know that this would stop doctors from recommending the vaccine. My grandmother almost died from the flu shot and had a horrible reaction from the pneumonia booster shot. Yet they try to get her to receive it every time. They also will not put in her papers that she is allergic to it only that she refuses it. Her doctor did not believe her when she called to tell him how sick she was from the flu shot. When doctor saw her and realized how serious it was he said to her, ‘I did not believe you on the phone and would not have believed you until I saw you for myself.’ He then apologized for pressuring her into receiving the shot, which she did not want to receive in the first place.
I very much believe a great deal of the sickness going around is also from the roll-out of 5G as I spoke with Professor Torello Lotti, the main author of the retracted 5G causing coronaviruses paper. Many of the newer symptoms like extreme loss of taste and smell, hair falling out, and the radiation like rashes are symptoms of radiation poisoning.

One kind of 5G was found to mimic high LET ionizing radiation. 5G Technology: Why Should We Expect a shift from RF-Induced Brain Cancers to Skin Cancers? ( ( Simply put it is capable of separating electrons from atoms and can cause damage to cells and genetic material. That doesn’t even cover the biological effects.

I think most sicknesses are just from a variety of toxins/poisons. Whether it’s DDT, man made radiation (10 billion times more than the 1960s), or naturally occurring radiation in the form of excessive sun spots , plastics, fear, hate, I could go on and on…We have been mistaking our bodies detoxing from these things as viruses or colds. Hopefully we can start to see the truth and move forward to truly healing ourselves and this world

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