It was not a virus.

This is list of some historical and current maladies that were blamed on a “virus” but in actual fact were caused by something entirely different. This is not a comprehensive list and shall be added to as more truth is revealed.

  • SCURVY caused by Vitamin C deficiency
  • THE SPANISH FLU caused by a conglomeration of different vaccines
  • SMALLPOX caused by mercury toxicity, poor nutrition and sanitary conditions
  • THE BLACK DEATH caused extremely toxic atmosphere, high levels of ammonium caused by the comet Negra
  • POLIO was caused by a combination of lead arsenic poisoning and DDT poisoning
  • PELLAGRA was caused by Niacin deficiency
  • ZIKA was caused by glyphosate poisoning
  • AIDS was caused by amyl nitrate poisoning and pharmaceutical poisoning from AZT

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