No such thing as immunity…

No such thing as immunity. We get healthier, we get stronger, we don’t become “Immune” to poisons, toxins, bad food, bad air, bad water etc. We adapt. The healthier you are, the less your body will detox and have to heal. (Get “sick”). Antibodies, simply “Tag” foreign material/proteins/poisons etc that shouldn’t be in the body or that are harmful and need to be dealt with. The antibodies act as a sort of signal to the body to then send out the microbes to do their thing. The idea of “immunity” came from the idea that our bodies can eventually become drug resistant or alcohol tolerance in the body can be increased with small doses that get incrementally higher, you don’t become immune to those things, you learn how to adapt to them better.

Sidenote, you can’t have virus antibodies because viruses are non existent, and what we say are viruses, are only byproduct of dying and diseased cells. Sequences of genetic material being expelled through protein coated vesicles that are not pathogenic, but serve as a communication/detox strategy of the body. You create sickness from inside your body, you don’t catch it. You can’t become immune from your own body. Our bodies remember, so that next time you must expel a toxin, environmental change, poisoning, foreign material, the body can adapt and heal quicker. Not because of “AntiBodies” but because we are a perfect creation.

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