What are exosomes?


-naturally occurring inside our bodies

-inside the cell- cell organelles and vesicles (different shapes enclosed in lipid bi-layer membrane) containing messenger RNA [communiques)

multi-vesicular endosomes within multiple exosomes within b4 release out of cell

-released from cell on a regular day to day basis

Many factors can induce the process, accelerate it and increase the numbers of exosomes released.

Exosomes are locked until they find the cell that is their key, they dock and deliver the message. Each is specific to a separate part of the body.

Function: communication between cells, sponge up toxins and protect the cell.

Exosomes SARS CoV-2
Diameter inside cell 500nm MVE 500nm
Diameter outside cell 100nm 100nm
Receptor ACE-2 ACE-2
Contains RNA RNA
Found in Bronchoalveolar fluid Bronchoalveolar fluid

Essentially they are the same

James Hildreth MD, President & CEO of Meharry Medical College, former professor at Johns Hopkins, HIV Researcher,

the virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word”

Exosome production is induced and accelerated and increased by:

  • toxic substances
  • stress (fear)
  • cancer
  • ionising radiation
  • infection
  • injury
  • immune response
  • asthma
  • diseases (unspecified in literature, many)
  • electromagnetic radiation

Every type of insult to the body would cause this process- cells communicate to detox, clean out the dead and dying genetic debris.

A Novel Coronavirus from patients with pneumonia in China 2019.”New England Medical Journal. Na Zhu and his team in Wuhan

-incubated sample with lung cancer cells

-lung cancer cells produce exosomes

“Exosomes act much like a sponge preventing the toxins for a time from attacking the cell, whhile toxins that are not corralled are left to burrow through the cell membranes” Ken Cadwell PhD

Exosomes come from within to help your body, a reaction to the real cause of illness.

I first knew about exosomes in April 2020. Virology is scientific fraud.

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