The Waste Land

TS Elliot’s 1922 poem “The Waste Land” describes the atmosphere of western society after WW1- the collective loss of meaning in human existence.

The First World War and what is sold to us as The Spanish Flu catapulted Europe into godless modernity completing the development that had began earlier with the world’s fairs and the Industrial Revolution.

Man, cut off from his roots, became a cog in the great wheel. Life was replaced by mere functioning. There isn’t a more hopeless poem than The Waste Land.

Elliot processed the fate of a lost generation, the people who were only running away from themselves. Civilisation was riddled with materialism, hedonism and atheism. Behind this (for Elliot) was the godlessness of modernity. The nihilism that opened up like a yawning abyss in front of humanity.

This modern nihilism and materialism shows itself ideologically, above all, in the theory of evolution and heliocentrism.

Traditional man lived in a world that represented just the opposite. Instead of a strong evolution from animal to human with no higher meaning in cold and hostile universe, we were placed by a Creator in a perfect world where we are the centre of reality and where everything we experience and do has deep meaning.

Turning away from this view rooted in tradition and dissolving the old order is the most important goal of the occult secret societies within the secret societies.

“He who was living is now dead, we who are living are now dying, with a little patience”

You can read the poem here

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