The Common Law crime of Personage explained in fact, evidence and law.

Personage is unlawfully attempting to convert a living man into a juristic entity known as a corporation by means of deceit, duress and coercion against a private civilian which is a war crime, by means of said coercion and a form of slavery under the 4th Geneva Convention 1949

The Common Law crime of Personage is also the Common Law crime of treason and sedition, at common law and statute, because by attempting to unlawfully convert a living man against his will by way of deceit into a corporation and therefore deprive him of all his God given, inalienable and inviolable rights in violation of Nichols v Nichols 1576 and Thistlewood v Thistlewood 1820: to deprive any man of their born rights and constitutional and inalienable rights is the most serious act of treason and sedition under Common Law, the law of the land; to be stripped of all your rights by an act of treachery, deceit or coercion is simply sedition at Common Law.

This was enabled by the Cesta Qui Vie Act 1666.

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