Stormont Arrests 18th October 2020

I have little doubt that the Stormont arrests were staged to reinforce the virus narrative. After the PSNI assaulted me and proceeded to throw women to the ground, after they drew their batons and had removed the resistance to the landrovers for nonchalant joinder and personage, the people carried on listening to a woman who said, (while she was speaking the PSNI stood down),

“let’s just apply the guidelines, we are not here to cause trouble. I lost my mother in August to cancer. You’re 10x more likely to die of cancer everyday than you are of Covid, you’re 5x more likely to die of dementia, you’re 4x more likely to die of heart disease, so just let’s be clear, this is a dis.. this is a virus, there’s no doubt about it and we have to accept these facts. And the median age is 82, so let’s do the right thing, let’s look at the people who are at risk. And by the way, the lockdown is causing further risk-by poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of Vitamin D, people are drinking more and smoking more because of anxiety. Please, please put things into perspective…..

We are human beings in this fight against the virus. This was inevitable to happen by the way, these things happen. There are viruses throughout the years, you know, 1000 more to be exact but the restrictions are causing more deaths than the virus itself.

Let’s put this in perspective, 6 out of 1000 people who are infected could die, but I repeat the median age is 82.

What we are trying to do here today is get the facts, get the truth. And yes, we would love to speak to Arlene Foster and Michelle O’ Neill because I can clearly see they are at odds between protecting the economy and protecting health. Let’s ask for facts, let’s analyse the facts, let’s do a full risk assessment and apply reaction accordingly.

I would agree, keep calm, the police officers are doing a brilliant job, but please, keep calm, let’s do this the right way.”

The man speaking into the microphone was also pushing the virus, the regulations, the social distancing, the masks.. and how the PSNI are just wonderful…

If you weren’t there that day you can watch on YouTube “Peaceful Gathering At Stormont 18202022”