We all got played. Plain and simple.

Admit it so we can figure out how to overcome. ⁣

  1. If you are not spiritually grounded in yourself and in God, start doing the work to do so, and if you don’t know what to do, ask. ⁣

    Earth is a free will realm and experience—you won’t receive help unless you ask for it. ⁣
  2. if you have trauma and attachment wounds from your childhood or relationships, start working on those, because they are keeping you attached to the Matrix, the societally constructed weapon that Satan uses to keep you below the veil and spiritually oppressed. ⁣These wounds are soul perforations created to keep you in a state of trauma and fear and detached from you, your Creator and your essence. ⁣
  3. If you are not in integrity in your life—if you have amends to make and damages to repair to others, face them and buck up to level up because as you repair these damages to others, you repair more of the soul perforations in you keeping you tied to Matrix. Darkness wants you to live in shame and confusion. Say F^ck that and repair your soul. ⁣
  4. Overcome your fear of death, disease and the unknown, because these ARE the tentacles and hooks they have into the masses so they keep acquiescing to their stupid demands and mirages. For myself, I believe when I faced death so many times I entered another realm of BEing… this is all illusions, all spells they’ve cast on humanity to keep us from truly seeing the face of God. ⁣

    They want us to see fear—see Love instead. ⁣
  5. Continually keep yourself in a state of detox physically and spiritually and around beings attached to higher principles, values and outlooks on life and why we are here. ⁣

    You are HERE, right now in this moment, in this experience on this EARTH for something magical and something very important. ⁣

    It’s SO much more than what they want you to see…keep removing the veil of distortions. ⁣

    This game is played and it’s won by you and you alone. ⁣

Courtesy of Ali Zeck

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